Municipal Solution

Reach Municipal Recording/Streaming products provides low cost solutions to allow municipalities to comply with recording and broadcast laws and bridge the PEG funding shortfall.

Consumers today are spending less of their hard-earned dollars on traditional cable providers and more on OTT content services like Netflix, Hulu, and Sling. This shift away from cable providers combined with the trend for cable providers to seek statewide, rather than local franchises, has resulted in a dramatic reduction in the amount of PEG (Public, Education, and Government channels) funds available to create or sustain local access teleproduction facilities. Even though the funding for these channels is by and large disappearing, communities still bear the responsibility to broadcast the proceedings of Town Council meetings and other meetings deemed public.  Reach has a smart and simple solution to replace those heavily volunteer labor dependent low quality video productions made with aging equipment with instantaneous live streaming and recording by no more than turning the appliance on and pressing the record button just like you used to do when VCRs were used for these applications.
The Reach Bee8 is that one button recording and streaming solution. As soon as you turn the Bee8 on, it is streaming to your community. With the simple, Manager Lite software for Windows computers, included at no charge with every Bee8, a couple of cameras, and a connection to a computer for a PowerPoint presentation, a municipality is nearly instantly in compliance with making these meetings available to the public by streaming it live to the community and leveraging the incredible power of YouTube, SSH101, or other no charge RTMP CDN (Content Delivery Network) to provide members of the community with a simple, hassle free way to participate in the community agenda. We can even help you configure a simple, low cost solution to add significant functionality that embraces production attributes like switching from source to source, picture in picture, wireless presentation display, and even presenter auto tracking. No volunteers needed, no schedules to create, no complex systems with a rack full of equipment; just the simple act of recording and streaming municipal meetings.