House of Worship Solutions

The ability to view a service remotely is an important part of many Houses of Worship’s community outreach. Reach offers a solution that is simple, inexpensive and accessible.

Houses of Worship have a vital need to reach their parishioners to engage them in services in a meaningful way. Technology has provided the means to do that, but this often results in complicated solutions that are challenging to install and use, both for the HOW and the person accessing the content.  Reach solutions simplify the process by making the layer of technology required simple and accessible. There is no need for special software to hear and see the services, making it available to those requesting remote access.

A Reach Solution for Houses of Worship is as simple as "plug-and-play".

Everything works together right out of the box.

A Media Center server can distribute the live and Video on Demand content to anyone interested in viewing a video file and any related documents.

The Reach House of Worship solution is simple, inexpensive and accessible.