Education Solutions

Reach is passionate about education and the ability to transfer knowledge simply and eloquently in an ecosystem. The goal is to continuously exceed our customers expectations.

The Bee7, Bee8, and Bee9 encoding and archiving appliances and our Media Center Servers provide a cost-effective solution to provide your institution with expertly crafted content to those who otherwise may not be able to access it. Reach solutions stem the boundaries of the institution’s physical campuses and provide controllable and customizable access to course content on all devices in an extremely cost-effective package, with no recurring fees for encoders, servers, or access.  Reach can even provide a cloud solution, through your cloud provider, or our services, that provides the same simple access to content without the headache of moderating the deployment, maintenance and cost of providing an amazing, comprehensive, all-in-one solution.

The Reach solutions allow institutions to provide content to any device inside or outside the local area network.

The Reach Media Center provides instantaneous transcoding to HTML5, so that all devices can receive excellent quality video without unnecessarily overusing bandwidth or chomping up data plans.

The Reach solution can run virtualized on existing hardware, without overtaxing it. The hardware can continue to crunch numbers for other institution applications.

Based on Linux Red Hat CentOS, the Media Center web interface is easily customized and re-skinned to meet any institution's needs.