Corporate Solutions

Information is Power. Reach products and solutions offer an intuitive interface to stream content to employees and customers alike.

In today’s business world, technology is ever changing, creating a challenge to keep up with the evolution of business models and strategy.  Information is power and it arms you with the value propositions to gain a formidable advantage over your competitors. Reach solutions empower you with that knowledge by making it available whenever and wherever you have a moment to ingest it. The Reach intuitive interface is the perfect tool to provision your vital content, so account executives, sales support professionals, and employees can click a link, and have that powerful, knowledgeable content at their fingertips. It makes learning business trends and techniques as fun as watching your favorite videos on YouTube®. As a matter of fact, you can make your content available directly from our Bee8 to your YouTube Channel to capture an even larger audience and generate unprecedented interest in your company’s products and services.

Reach solutions provide the flexibility to get your content out to your team and your customers simply and economically.

Record and stream live sales meetings, scrum sessions, impromptu huddle meetings or any content.

Customer focused content can be streamed live and provided as VOD on your company's YouTube Channel.

All of this in one easy-to-deploy solution.