we can stream it.

If you can dream it,


A Reach healthcare solution takes the guesswork out of communicating the intricacies of sharing healthcare techniques and procedures. Reach can not only record, stream and archive content, but also transfer it and other e-PHI material from the operating room, emergency department or anywhere else in the hospital to a secure server in the cloud safely, without burdening valuable IT department time and resources. Today, as never before, healthcare depends on knowledge transfer quickly, efficiently, and in an ecosystem where EMR cannot be compromised. Our Paas and IaaS solution is not only HIPAA compliant, but HiTrust certified, and verifiably ensures a healthcare institution is in full compliance with HIPAA standards.


Let’s face it: In today’s business world the churn of technology makes it difficult to keep up with the constant evolution of business models and strategy. Information is power. It arms you with the value propositions to gain a formidable competitive advantage over your competitors. Reach solutions empower you with that knowledge by making it available whenever and wherever you have a moment to ingest it. Our beautifully crafted solutions hide the immense amount of state of the art technology required to provision your vital content, so all your account executives, sales support professionals, and everyone else on your team have to do is click a link, and absorb knowledge. It makes learning business trends and techniques as fun as watching your favorite videos on YouTube®. As a matter of fact, you can make your content available directly from your Bee8 to your YouTube Channel to capture an even larger audience and generate unprecedented interest in your company’s products and services.



Streaming and recording where PEG funding has been slashed or a city wishes to broadcast on the web rather than on Cable TV.

House Of Worship

Religious leaders are challenged to reach the faithful and bring them closer to the word in a meaningful way. Technology has provided the means to do that, but unfortunately these means to communicate with access to technology brings about insurmountable challenges and complicated results. Reach solutions simplify the process by making the layer of technology required to spread the word simple and accessible. Your followers do not need to have any special software to hear and see the dynamic orations you spent hours to prepare. With a Reach solution, access to your teachings is merely a click away.


Education is where it all began for Reach. The passionate desire to be able to transfer knowledge simply and eloquently in an education ecosystem is what drives us to exceed our customer’s expectations. The Bee7, Bee8, and Bee9 encoding and archiving appliances and our Media Center Servers provide a cost-effective solution to provide your institution expertly crafted content to those who otherwise may not be able to access it. Reach solutions stem the boundaries of the institution’s physical campuses and provide controllable and customizable access to course content on all devices in an extremely cost-effective package, with no recurring fees for encoders, servers, or access. Reach can even provide a cloud solution, through your cloud provider, or our services, that provides the same simple access to content without the headache of moderating the deployment, maintenance and cost of providing an amazing comprehensive, all-in-one solution.