Reach REX Media Server with Encoders and Decoders

The REX server is the ultimate solution for AV over IP. The REX server was designed from the ground up to meet the rigorous demands of being able to distribute meaningful content in a simple, purposeful way

Unlike other AV over IP solutions, the REX solution did not start life as a videoconference codec or IPTV hardware. REX came out of the gate with the single purpose of providing a beautiful, simple solution that is as easy to deploy as it is to use. There are no proprietary plugins to the operating systems, no complicated wiring protocols, no messy top heavy manuals that require a master’s degree in computer networking technology to understand how to use it.

If you’ve ever plugged in an Ethernet cable and watched a video online, you are already an expert at using the REX AV over IP solution. Also, there are no recurring site, codec, or license fees, so the REX solution doesn’t continue to assault your OPEX year after year. The REX solution comes in four sizes to accommodate any organizations needs and budget, from the CF-8 which connects to as many as 8 rooms, and accommodates as many as 40 concurrent live and VOD users, to the CF-48 handling as many as 48 rooms and 200 concurrent live and VOD users.

The REX AV over IP Solution is the simplest, most cost-effective solution in its class. Born to distribute AV over IP.

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Works with the following encoders: