Reach MM3000 Medical Recording and Streaming Appliance

The Reach MM3000 Operation Teaching Terminal for Medical applications is an all-in-one recorder equipped with 2-way communications interface to allow a practitioner to communicate with a technician creating the recorded content of a surgery or training session. The MM3000 has 3 inputs to accept High Definition video from any source, as well as audio from boundary mics or mixed through a compact mixer. The MM3000 encodes mp4 files, making the content playable on any computer or device. It also features the capability of live streaming and ultra-long distance connectivity through its fiber connector, eliminating the need for copper to fiber conversion. The MM3000 is also equipped with a HDMI output for local display of the content while its being recorded and streamed, or for local playback.

All the controls on the MM3000 are sealed under a membrane to ensure that contagious material cannot be transmitted from its case or panels, making it suitable for use within a trauma room or operating theater. It provides 2 USB 2.0 ports on the front panel for direct recording or downloading previously recorded content on removable media in conformance with HIPAA standards.

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