Reach Media Center

The Reach Media Center Content Management Server is a mature distribution platform built on the most secure operating system made (CentOS). Reach is committed to continue to innovate the platform and make it even more secure by deploying it on the latest, most secure distribution of CentOS as well as distributing content by HTML5 while phasing out Flash. Media Center also supports LDAP or Active Directory connectivity to simplify the process of user/user group/user role management and CAS (Central Authentication Server) integration to conform with HIPAA guidelines requiring 2 form authentication.

Reach Media Center Content Management Server software is a licensed based one-time purchase with no recurring fees for software, server, use, or licenses. When deployed either on dedicated hardware or virtualized in a VM environment such as HyperV, VMWare, or Virtual Box, it can support up to 500 concurrent connections. Instances of Media Center can be connected as nodes to support an infinite number of concurrent connections.

The Media Center comes with 3 years of software maintenance, with an option to purchase 2 more years for a total of 5 years.

The software contains the following modules:

  • System Management
  • Server Management
  • User Management
  • Schedule Management
  • File Management
  • Video Portal
  • Video on Demand (VOD)

Reach Media Center has an option for an Encoder Manager Pro which allows for management and viewing of the video signals that are captured by encoders.  This supports a maximum of 64 encoders.

Reach Media Center is used with these products:

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