Bee9 Advanced AV over IP Appliance

The Bee9 is an ultra-advanced capture. live streaming, recording and distribution appliance. It utilizes advanced video analytics to track the movements of a presenter anywhere in a room, and through amazing algorithms, automatically moves a PTZ camera and automatically switches to the most meaningful shot. The Bee9 functions autonomously; just start the recording, and you’re good to go. It’s like having a professional TV production crew, without the added expense


The Bee7 is incredibly easy to use and is best suited in an application where all streamed content is equally as important. It is the best product choice when providing dense information to knowledge workers, as they can choose the view that is most meaningful to them.


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The Bee9 has three (3) HD-SDI inputs for the simple connection of a PTZ for the presenter close-up camera and two (2) fixed shot cameras, one for the presenter wide shot, and one for the room wide shot. It also features a DVI-I connection to connect a computer for presentation content such as a PowerPoint® presentation. The 4th input is also Barco Click-Share® friendly, so you can connect any computer simply by plugging in a Click-Share button.


The Bee9 has an excellent complement of serial and Telnet commands, so you can control session recordings by tapping a button on your external control system touchpad. The Bee9 is Crestron® friendly for coding ease.







Bee9 is a onetime purchase. There are no recurring site license, user, or CODEC fees year after year.

Reach will provide you with FREE firmware upgrades for its useful life.

Partner with Reach and realize everything you’ve been missing from your AV over IP infrastructure.

The Bee9 comes with a three-year hardware and software warranty.