Bee7 Multi-Stream AV over IP Appliance

The Bee7 is an advanced multi-streaming appliance. The Bee7 captures, records and streams two live sources and one presentation source. The magic is that anyone viewing live streams or VOD content can arrange the streams in whatever arrangement they want, including watching any of the sources full screen. The video is crisp in any configuration. The presentation content is passed through a high-speed OCR processor, so users can search on keywords derived by the OCR process, and get right to content required.


The Bee7 is incredibly easy to use and is best suited in an application where all streamed content is equally as important. It is the best product choice when providing dense information to knowledge workers, as they can choose the view that is most meaningful to them.


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Serial and Telnet control are available to start, pause, and stop recording sessions. Any external control system can integrate these commands into their control surfaces to provide end users with a complete integrated control system. These commands are especially Crestron friendly. The Bee7 also provides serial control ports for control of two PTZ cameras via RS-232 or RS-485 and can accommodate virtually any protocol.


The Bee7 has an amazingly flexible array of input and outputs. Any video signal from analog composite SD signals to full 1080P HD signals can be input. Audio inputs are provided by conventional 3.5mm TRS connection or integration friendly phoenix style connectors. Audio outputs are provided to monitor the live audio either by phoenix or RCA connectors.


The Bee7 also has a game changing feature that provides Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to presentation content on input 3. When the content recording is complete, users can quickly search VOD content to find the most relevant material for their research.


As with all Reach appliances and servers, there are no recurring fees for equipment, site, or CODECs. Reach will also support the product with free software upgrades for the useable life of the product.


The Bee7 is always deployed with Media Center to complete a well-crafted, high performance AV over IP solution./column]



Bee7 is a onetime purchase. There are no recurring site license, user, or CODEC fees year after year.

Reach will provide you with FREE firmware upgrades for its useful life.

Partner with Reach and realize everything you've been missing from your AV over IP infrastructure.

The Bee7 comes with a three-year hardware and software warranty.