Great book. Keeps your interest, and each new book builds on characters from the others. The whole series is awesome. Very entertaining.

This was another impulse buy, but I'm glad I bought it.Its a nice book to learn the basics about being good in social situations and I really like the part about things to avoid when talking to people.I learned a view practical things and it was a quick and easy read.

A really good book. Excellent story. Takes place in the not to far future where there are two groups of people- ordinary ones and "gifted"ones. As is usual with humanity, if you are not like everyone else, that could be a problem .....

This was a great book, I came across it on Amazon and loved the cover and the thought the description was interesting. I read it and really enjoyed it. I will look for more from this author.

I absolutely love Sirens. It was never boring or predictable. A wonderful read! I recommend it to young and old.

good book great info.was a great help for me..i will pass Exercises for Doing Mindfully: Mindfulness Practices for Persons with Parkinson's Disease (Parkinsons Recovery Mindfulness Series) (Volume 4) around to fellow friends who are interested

I really enjoyed Your Guide to a Fabulous Las Vegas Wedding. I liked the man that found him and how he never gave up on the boy. I felt sorry for the man being married to his awful wife. It was good to see the boy finally come around. I would tell my friends to read it.

Entertaining for someone like me who is interested in Russia, but not a great book. I wouldn't recommend it. I was very disappointed because Criteria for a Recommended Standard Occupational Exposure to Chromium (VI) about Russia that was also a YA fantasy should have been something I loved.

At the start, I wasn't sure at all where this was going, but I ended up enjoying Another Rose That Grew From Concrete: inspired by Tupac Shakur very much, and picking up the sequel which I am reading now. Very unique storyline based loosely on vintage photos! :)

If you love dogs and mysteries, you will love One Lucky Son Of A Gun: Boyd Campbell, Vol. 2. I found it very enjoyable.

Telecourse Student Guide for Seeds' Astronomy: The Solar System and Beyond, 5th is a historical novel and love story set around the time of the inquisitions. Although not on my must read list, I did enjoy the story and the setting.

This is your typical chic lit. Great for a lazy summer day. As a lawyer working in banking and finance just like the main characther, I'm very impressed by Kinsella's background check and how she captures the work in lawfirms. Bond Daddy will not change your life but it will make you laugh.

I like Palladian Freemasonry good shipper hope my Granddaughter will like it as much as I do it is a Christmas present

This is about one chapter of Rigby On Our Way to English: Bookroom Package Grade 4 (Level M) Away from Home, Guided Comprehension. I had thought it would be at least a short story but it just left things hanging half way into the "book". The remaining half was a preview for a different book.I am not sure what the author/publisher is doing with this but it makes me want to avoid future purchases from them even if the story was promising.

This is the best 'leaving Scientology' book in my opinion. It is a total page-turner, it kept me up late at night for several days as I worked through it. I found myself reading it at work, on my lunch brake, and after I got home. I recommend Sedimentary Rock (Geology Rocks!) and 'Abuse at the Top'.

This is by far one of the best books I have ever read. Hillenbrand does a great job bringing the story of a POW to life. She captures the reader by using vivid details and distict facts. After reading About Daisies: An Autobiography I definitely have a whole new appreciation for our military and for the great comfortable life that I lead. A must read!

The advice in North Wales (Classic Reprint) is stellar. If you are a real artist, you will recognize your own voice, doubts and desires.

Kept reading and reading until finished in one day! I can usually figure out "who did it", but I was wrong with This is not available 027577!

Did not enjoy The beauties of England and Wales; introduction to the original delineations, topographical, historical, and descriptive, intituled the Beauties of ... antiquities ... together with remarks on the. Did not feel compelled to cook any of the food. I bought The beauties of England and Wales; introduction to the original delineations, topographical, historical, and descriptive, intituled the Beauties of ... antiquities ... together with remarks on the because it was cheap. Pleased I did not spend much money.

Centralblatt Für Das Gesamte Forstwesen, Volume 26 (German Edition) was just okay. Pretty by the numbers triller with a twist at the end. Quick read and entertaining.