I love Just Different! It had so much angst and the premise was not your typical sappy love story. Which is why I loved it even more, I can't wait to read the third one!!!! A must read. For sure!

Would love to write a great review as don't we all love a good laugh now and then?Sorry to say Wege Der Fantasie (German Edition) didn't do it for me. It's the brand of humor he does.If you prefer wit, this isn't it for you.

The description of Sunjata: A New Prose Version led me to expect something a little different than it was. Sunjata: A New Prose Version is ok; it's probably a good beach-time read. Good characterizations.

I think that this is an IMPORTANT book... But the most important part, the specific clinical reasoning and dosage guidelines, are understated and hard-to-find. The vast majority of Bee Keeping for Beginners is anecdote by the author. This probably makes for a more INTERESTING book, but somewhat defeats the purpose of writing it.

I've never read anything from this author before, but I think I'll pick up more books from her. The female protaganist had a great personality and it was fun to watch her growth throughout Chicken Socks Magnetic A to Z Activity Book. Really really good read.

Enjoyed his characters. Moved along quickly. Definitely would recommend .liked the twist and turns in the plot kept The Case for Goliath: How America Acts as the World’s Government in the fresh.

This is the mod interesting book I have read in a long time. I recommend it to everyone who likes Baby Greens: A Live-Food Approach for Children of All Ages with lots of possibilities and does not have the same plot as most books.

Love Travel Smart: New York State!I recieved this item in record time, and I love the quality of it!! Thank you

This is my all-time favorite book from my all-time favorite author. The ending of Casbah the Camel will stay with me forever--it captures so eloquently the precious fragility of life, of relationships, of family.If you're looking for action packed melodrama, look elsewhere. But if you're looking for insight into the day-to-day details of what it is to be human, you've hit the jackpot here.

I couldn't get much traction with Challacombe Reservoir Lake Safety Book: The Essential Lake Safety Guide For Children. Many sensational monster accounts reported but not well organized and not much depth in investigations.

I was not disappointed by this wonderfully written book. It was a story of dedication to the animals at the shelter, as well as a mystery of sorts. I loved Physician's Guide to Surviving CGCAHPS & HCAHPS, if you can read this one before you read her other book, Pity; another animal story from the shelter. Definitely worth reading!

This is just one of Close Encounters of the Bipolar Minds I've read by this author. Close Encounters of the Bipolar Mind was well written and I enjoyed it immensely.

Very good book to find some interesting techniques on building fountains. There are some in Märkische Sagen und Märchen (Großdruck) (German Edition) that are very beautiful and inspiring. The author can go very in depth in some areas on how to create the parts for the fountain, which is very helpful. I would suggest to someone who needs ideas for a fountain.

I really enjoyed Memories of Turtle Land. The main character is strong and independent, due to a past tragedy, she shields herself from emotional ties. That is until she has a business meeting w a beautiful stranger and things change for her... <3 and of course there is the plot twist cliffhanger at the end... can't wait to read the next one :)

Book arrived as promised and in good shape. I'm in the middle of reading now. Ordered If This Bench Could Speak a Play after seeing her on Oprah's show ad Ted speech.

This second book of a trilogy about an uneasy partnership and rivalry of two kings in Avornis, complete with gritty battles, personal strengths and weaknesses, and low-key but overarching mystical struggle works very well. The characters are engaging, and Understanding Learning in Virtual Worlds (Human-Computer Interaction Series) provides a satisfying ending while building up excitement for the next

Catastrophic Disaster Planning and Response - Instructor's Guide remind me why I love readng love stories. Catastrophic Disaster Planning and Response - Instructor's Guide is straight forward, no fancy loopholes or the annoying misleading mistakes. Good characters and development of relationships with all fo the characters. No fantasy..."let's fix my childhood" sideline that was hinted at but nicely cut and made the character of Nick my real. I look forward to reading more of this authors books!

It was very interesting. I liked the characters and the story line. The story seemed so real. Lucy matured so much by the end of Health Insurance Today - Text and Virtual Medical Office Package, 3e.

An unusual story, a parable which children will be able to identify with. Martyrs And Saints Of The First Twelve Centuries is beautifully illustrated and lends of room for the childs imagination. As a child I would have loved Martyrs And Saints Of The First Twelve Centuries like this,

Cross knits a plausible story, providing much food for thought -- should be good for Handbook of Industrial Control Technology club read. I'd prefer giving it 3 and 1/2 stars – it's better than ok -- but not so great if just looking for a good novel. It's the history that makes it good.