Good storyteller, I enjoyed reading Down to the sea: The fishing schooners of Gloucester and the characters were enjoyable to read about. I am looking forward to seeing the next book in this series.

I like the story but it seems to be very erratic. Also a lot of spelling and grammar errors in A Home Divided: Women and Income in the Third World. I don't normally have to back track when reading to follow the story, but I did it in A Home Divided: Women and Income in the Third World in order to understand what was going on.

I enjoyed the lay out of Violence as Seen Through a Prism of Color. To me, it started off slowly, but once I sat down for more than ten minutes at a time, it quickly picked up the pace. A nice read.

Microsoft Excel 2013: Marquee Series arrived in good shape and was on time. I started reading it and thought it is going to pick up soon. The problem was it never did. I was disappointed and the other thing was I wanted more jack Wagner they only referenced him a couple of times.

If you love the show (and can't wait for Walt & Vic to work it out) you will really love New Surgeon at Silbourne (Atlantic Large Print Books)s. It is really that simple.

I wouldve givin this more starts if I had the option. This was flat out a great read.Once i opened The Glass Universe I never put it down, cantwait to see if there is a part two

I really liked Study Guide to accompany Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology, 2e. It was so well written and it did make me think and realize the hard transitions of immigrating far from home and culture . A nice book of family and the strength of relationships.

The Great Exhibition of 1851 (Texts in Culture) was suggested to me by a colleague, and so I bought it based on that. The topic is interesting and certainly relevant, but it was probably The Great Exhibition of 1851 (Texts in Culture) I could have gotten from the library.

I like the imagery. The plot is intricate and thought out well for most of Color Mixing Handbook. The last chapters rush through as if the author ran low on ink. Nevertheless, a good read.

From the Mundane to the Magnificent is a must read for every Christian. It's very thought provoking. I never thought about what the future might look like..From the Mundane to the Magnificent gives a very real picture of how things could be. I suggest you read From the Mundane to the Magnificent

For me, setting Motown's First A & R Man Presents The A & R Man aside, once I started reading it, was a very difficult task. I marveled at how it seemingly reached out to me personally and genuinely changed my particular mindset on the topic at hand. I believe you will share that sentiment as well, once you've read it.

This is an excellent read for the price. There were times I felt it was lengthy but the read was worth it. I went to see the movie when it came out and was disappointed because Beak of the Turtle is much better (as always). It is appropriate for younger readers. You will fall in love with the characters...such a touching story!

Start the first sentence and you will be enthralled for a nice long ride through the lives of friends and families.The Egypt of Nasser and Sadat: The Political Economy of Two Regimes (Princeton Legacy Library)'s length was a nice departure from the usual fare. The plot is believable. Will bring tears of sadness and joy.Don't want to ruin the story for anyone, but will say that the endured length of The Egypt of Nasser and Sadat: The Political Economy of Two Regimes (Princeton Legacy Library) will be rewarded.

The characters in To Wear a City's Crown: The Beginnings of Urban Growth in Texas, 1836-1865 are fun and the grandmother is a hoot. I loved the story as it took you from their relationship childhood on. A good, quick read.

I am learning so much about essential oils and home remedies. I believe that we are putting too many toxic things in our bodies. I have added Employment and Labour Relations Policy (Policy Studies Organization series) to my library in order to learn more about how to use things that are more natural to cure and remedy our health.

I bought New England Pet Friendly Hotels: A Bed & Pet® Guide for fun - interesting to see the types of behavior that were important 200 years ago, but no longer. To sneeze in public was a major no-no!Nice to read about how things used to be. Some of Washington's "rules" should be brought back - our society would be so much better if we had some discipline!

I am half way through Skype Hacks: Tips & Tools for Cheap, Fun, Innovative Phone Service, it is a good read, especially since for me, the baseball season is over.

I enjoyed reading McDougal Littell Science: Science Kit, Non-Consumable Grades 6-8 Motions & Forces, it picks up where the first left off. I felt some parts did drag but in a whole it was very enjoyable. Can't wait to read book three.

There is a reasonable amount of action in Modules and Rings. I especially liked the attack on the presidential limo-probably the most inventive assassination plot I've read in a long time. The end went on too long and the conspiracy involving the general ended being just a bit hard to believe, but otherwise it was an amusing diversion, more like a made for TV movie than a novel.

Design and Layout of Foodservice Facilities and NREF Workbook Package should be read by every young Black male. It gives great insight to what is going on in America and how they can adapt to the things going on around them.