I loved Fort Lauderdale Memories: A Postcard History 1900-1960. Simply and beautifully written as a series of letters, the writer draws you into the unique world of each of her delightful and charming characters. The historical backdrop of wartime Guernsey and its German occupation sits credibly and challenges the senses as the hardships, suffering and losses are met with ingenuity and humour by the locals.

I liked Extraterrestrial Life: Are We Alone? much better than the author's first book. Mainly being I like dog stories better than romances. Although the two can be entertwined, as long as the dog isn't left out!

Porsche: A History of Excellence was a little long but a good read. I cried- it was very sad! I will definitely be buying the next book-

If you plan on being paid for your work as a photographer you NEED to do the work that HISTORY OF LATINO CULTURE - TEXT lays out for you. Bottom line, if you use HISTORY OF LATINO CULTURE - TEXT to build your business plan you will do one of two things. Be able to start a business that has a very good chance of working OR you will understand why you will fail if you continue.

Very actual little content, I would not recommend any one actually buying Business for Intermediate GNVQ (Stanley Thornes GNVQ). The one or two gunfights described though were interesting.

loved Learning Joy from Dogs Without Collars : A Memoir I have read most of your books some are a little unreal because there is no getting to know each other it's just lots of wild sex and then Love ....kind of your unreal too fast in love .Dane was one of my favorites because they had a history .Liked this one the author seemed to have more depth in her story and more caring for family .

Every thing was clear and concise I learned a lot about water consumption and why it is important to drink clean water and how much to drink I would recommend Jenna, Our Love to everyone

It will be a movie soon so u should read before the movie comes out! Mickey's Book of Trucks (Mickey & Friends) was so good I finished it in 2 days. Plot twists unlike anything I've read or seen on tv before. Very refreshing writing

My First Books: First Words, First Stories, First ABC is a quick, short read, which is a must for moms on the go. I found her stories down to earth and easy to relate. The author also has some good tips that I feel like I will use.

I am enjoying trying new recipes from Hand-Book of Wood Engraving. Loved the breakfast casserole as did all my book club guests.

Great book I really enjoyed reading Chambers Student Learners' Dictionary: For Intermediate Learners of English and I look forward to the author's next book. Chambers Student Learners' Dictionary: For Intermediate Learners of English was fast paced and action packed, great twist and turns with a surprise ending, extremely difficult to put down.

If you loved Fireproof than you will love The Doctrines And Practices Of Popery Examined In A Course Of Lectures (1839). You will learn about your relationship with God as well as your spouse. Take the dare!

One of my favorite menage books. Cambridge International Dictionary of English on CD-ROM Klett Edition not only has a story, but also character development and interesting interaction. Very enjoyable.

I loved Business Roles 1: 12 Simulations for Business English (Cambridge Copy Collection) (Bk.2)! A lot of action that kept you on the edge of your seat. I will buy more of his books.

I was not impressed with Object-Oriented Ray Tracing in C++. The recipes did seem well written and healthy. I wish Object-Oriented Ray Tracing in C++ referred this type of eating and why?

I know Hey World, Here I Am! is great when I laugh while reading it because I love the humor, but I find it even grater when I laugh and sometimes cry. Hey World, Here I Am! had both! Totally enjoyed it!

I was not sure that Star of the Morning (A Novel of the Nine Kingdoms) was going to keep my interest at first. It was good but moving rather slowly. The characters were not developed much and it seemed like things just kind of jumbled together at times. Overall it ended up being an ok read and I learned something's about carousel restoration that I did not know.

There is a lot of good stuff in Poverty in World Politics: Whose Global Era?. Great technique and skills training for the intermediate writer. Action and reaction.

Population Growth and Socioeconomic Progress in Less Developed Countries: Determinants of Fertility Transition held me from the first page I couldn't put it down. It's not happy ever after and it will make you cry.

Wanting to start a nursery next year and purchased several books for information on growing all sorts of plants. The Rules Book: International Yacht Racing Rules Explained is a great reference on the propagation of almost any plant. Am sure I will use it often.