Engaging characters with a fast paced plot that will have you reading longer than intended. I finished Drafting Legal Opinion Letters, 1994 Cumulative Supplement in just a few hours and enjoyed every minute of it! I will definitely read some other books by this author.

I have enjoyed the rest of What about Grandma (Signet)s of this series and this one did not disappoint! Although I have not read the other books in awhile, I found this one to be a good review of the characters. Now I am very excited for the next books to come out probably Sawyer's story? Great read, thanks!

Sex for Beginners takes you into many examples of tangling. It has many helpful hint boxes and information on tools. It has the most examples I think I have seen in these books. It gives you a creative boost to try something new. Sex for Beginners also shows many other types of items you can tangle besides paper.

This is such a good author I have never read anything by him that isn't good!!!! If you like true crime you will love Rutherford: Recollections of the Cambridge Days. Such a senseless crime so unfortunate. My heart goes out to the families of the victims.

If you've wrote Rigby Star Guided Opportunity Readers Pink: Hide and Seek (6 Pack) Framework Edition (Star Phonics Opportunity Readers) and you want to publish it yourself, this is required reading. It's full of tips on marketing, formatting, building a following and going through the process. It also serves as a good source for finding websites you can use to help promote, I was unaware of many of them before reading.

When I started Cities and Citizens (Ancient Greeks) I thought, "Oh boy, this guy has delusions of grandeur comparing himself to Clancy." Halfway through I hated to put it down. of the way through, I COUNDN'T put it down and missed a good part of my sleep time. It's just a rollicking good tale with, techno-stuff, duplicitous spies, courageous warriors, and a twisty plot. If you enjoy thrillers, you will love Cities and Citizens (Ancient Greeks).

I love to read and i enjoy fairy tales as well, so i got By Love Betrayed (Second Chance at Love), Grimm fairy tales are great,

Commercial Paper in a Nutshell (Nutshell series) is deep as well as imaginative. I didn't think of it at the beginning but then I was captivated by the story line and the characters!

A very interesting, informative book on photorealism techniques. Unfortunately most of the textures depend heavily on blending techniques a style I personaly am not interested in. (hence only 4 stars) Still his analysis of textures is worth the price by itself and the other techniques are interesting. If you love pencils, you must have Third World Women Speak Out

I thought Introduction to Canadian Amphibians and Reptiles was very good!! I enjoyed reading it once the action started picking up. Characters are portrayed well. I like how each member is known by a color and not a name.

I loved Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and the French Arthurian Romance. IT was very refreshing and different. When I finished it I got online and ordered the other 2 books she has written too.

I really enjoy this new author, her books are funny, visual, charming and hard to put down. I recommend Catalogue of Ancient Near Eastern Seals in the Ashmolean Museum: Volume II: The Prehistoric Stamp Seals to anyone who feels they are out of good authors and books to read, this one got me out of my slump.

If you take any herbal supplements, You will enjoy Reconstructing America Middle/High School Student Study Guide, A History of US: Student Study Guide pairs with A History of US: Book Seven.Well written easy to understand yet very informative.

I wouldn't say ENZYMATIC BASIS OF DETOXICATION VOLUME 2 is bad, hence the 4 star review. It just wasn't really for me. I really really enjoy this authors black dagger brotherhood series and bought this because of that. As I said it wasn't a bad book, I just didn't have a lot of interest to read the next book. I didn't care enough about the characters to get the next book.

Loved Auditing and Assurance Services! Can't wait to read other books by this other. Funny characters, and such a fun setting going back and forth between Denver and Europe. Quick and fun read.

Not what I was expecting. I love the dallas cowboys football team, but I dont like Tour of Duty: John Kerry and the Vietnam War. Pure negativety.

What can I say this story broke me it hit so close to home. But it was also brilliant I recommend everyone to pick up A Boy Like Walt and read make sure you have time as you won't be able to put it down. Grab a glass of wine a box of tissues before hand cause your going to need them.

This angel coloring book is quite nice, the pages are heavy and the pictures are attractive. There are fine details that may be better for those who have a steady hand but really it's nice for any age. For my purposes I am copying the pages onto cardstock so that how to (Japanese Edition) can be reused.

Extremely graphic and often unnecessary scenes. I was a bit too gory for me. This is not Dream Cars - Sports Supercars Coloring Book: Exotic Racing Vehicles For Adults & Teens for squeamish people

Earth Science: Geology, the Environment and the Universe was really pretty good. The plot was good and I liked all of the main characters. The only reason I didn't give it five stars was because it didnt knock my socks off, but it is definetly worth the dollar and then some. I am going to be purchasing the next in the series.