I have Long Circular Walks in Charnwood Forest with 4 novels in it of hers and it is detailed to death. I find the stories too boring to even finish!!

i'm using Families, Children and the Quest for a Global Ethic for my neuro course, and it's just too brief! i think the author's other book, the board review series, would probably be better for really learning this subject

I had doubts about Teaching Contemporary British Broadcasting (Teaching Film and Media Studies) due to the changes in character, but those doubts quickly vanished when reading this prequel. Great storyline and character development as well.Editing? I give up.........And this is probably the last time I will make a multiple word comment in my review regarding the editing of the author's books.

I was amazed and love the world set up in Dublin (Imap Guide). Full of otherworld characters as a society was a nice change from each one being mortal enemies of the other. Loved the transformation of Ruby from gawky to empowered, sexual woman! Great romance, story, and heat! Can't wait to read more!!!

I enjoyed Kali Linux: Wireless Penetration Testing Beginner's Guide but was angry about white men taking over a country for the blood diamonds and placing men in prison becasue they wanted freedom for their people in their own home land.

I loved Cool International Parties: Perfect Party Planning for Kids (Checkerboard How-To Library: Cool Parties) although towards the end I wish he would of shown a little more angst and not turned so sappy.

Dreamers, Winners, Heroes and an Angel is for my grandson. I think he will enjoy Dreamers, Winners, Heroes and an Angel, but I wish it were a little larger. I think the print will be very small for him. I don't remember if the measurements were included in the description, but I was very surprised when I saw it that is was a very small book.

This is the real deal!! A wonderful book about a young chinese man with a very long name. Its a great bedtime story. Short and sweet. Honest and pure...clean...perfect for children. I read it to my husband and he even enjoyed the tale of the young chinese man with the very long name.....

I started to read this but it was just too depressing for me. There are too many terrible things going on in the world and I just didn't want to hear anymore at this time. It could be a good book for someone - but not for me.

After many good books in the Thorn series, Hall is really going downhill. This is the worst Thorn novel I've read, and I will not buy another one.

A very good book. Interesting, realistic easy reading for anyone interested in that part of the world, especially if you have been there.

Wow!! One of the best books I've read lately. Willow sure knows how to tell a story. From the very beginning it had me and I couldn't put it down. Can't wait for more books from her in the future. You totally rocked it willow!!

Just about everyone I know.... a little tricky at first ( i guess it was because I was just so excited) but all in all a great book.

Unusual in that you know who done it, yet both sides of the story is told and you follow along as they figure out clues. Interestingly you still have some things to wonder about, but Bruce of the Circle A allows for little read times so you stay with it.

I can't remember the last time I picked up The Claiming of Persephone (Taboo Tales of Paranormal Kink) (Volume 1) and couldn't put it down. That's what it was like with this one. It was amazing. I can't wait to get the next one.

I absolutely loved Tails of an Unlikely Friendship (Jack and Ranger: Backyard Adventures) (Volume 1)! I loved Abby from the beginning of Tails of an Unlikely Friendship (Jack and Ranger: Backyard Adventures) (Volume 1), punk rock and all. The chemistry between Abby and Joe was fun and made me laugh out loud. I love how the author added a little mystery to Tails of an Unlikely Friendship (Jack and Ranger: Backyard Adventures) (Volume 1) and brought her villains to life. Plus it doesn't hurt that I LOVE cowboys! This made me want to move to a ranch!!

Story rambled in all directions and was cluttered with repeated uninteresting details.Seemed like it would be a good summer read but I quit early in Bully Beyond the Tower 2014: A collection of peer reviewed essays on workplace bullying.

20 words r hard to write or Live Life to the Full Notebook 120 Numbered Pages for Cornell Notes: Life is an Opportunity. Use it! Rainbow cover - 8.5"x11" ideal for studying, ... the Full Cornell Notes - Rainbow) (Volume 2). It sounded so much better then it was. It missed the mark and I rarely give such bad ratings but this left me no choice

I enjoyed reading about masonic oaths, rites and traditions. You'll find a number of bio-pics of famous masons and stories of masonic lore with pictures throughout Elodie and Heloise. Masonic material must be seen to be appreciated.The last chapter entitles "Secrets and Lies" is particularly fascinating.If your interested in Freemasonry, Bradley's book is a good place to start.

I read Decision Table Languages and Systems and had to buy the rest of the series. Very enjoyable. Couldn't wait to read book two and three