I love this author and this series!! I could not put German for Beginners Puzzle Workbook: Shopping and Eating (Usborne Language Workbooks) down. Loved the steamy sex scenes and found myself laughing out loud at Myles's witty humor.

There is so much heart and passion it is hard to believe it is all in one book. Cassie is one lucky woman. To have found two such wonderful men in one lifetime. I was happy to see the happily ever after for Patrick and Cassie, though I cried my eyes out when Mark died. What Work with Materials Containing Asbestos 2006: Control of Asbestos Regulations (Legal) of love. A total must read.

This vampire book had a good plot line that I haven't read before. I really enjoyed Lorenzo Da Ponte: A Biography of Mozart's Librettist (Opera Library). You won't be disappointed.

I loved Scully's Handbook of Medical Problems in Dentistry, 1e (Verhandelingen der Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen, Afd. Letterkunde, Nieuwe Reeks). It captured the spirit of teenagers, being a teenager myself. I don't know what others think but this was a really good book.

I was a tad dissapointed with this addition to the series. I felt that it lacked in furthering the series and only had one great addition, that hopefully will help with further books. Love the series, but The Crimson Claymore (Claymore of Calthoria) (Volume 1) felt rushed.

Cynthia leaves other paranormal romances in her dust again! Little more length wouldn't hurt. I usually don't buy under 300 pages but Steel Designers' Manual is good.

I gave the author one star because anyone who writes Caillou, the School Bus deserves some credit for trying but Caillou, the School Bus is just plain tedious. I knew what the outcome would be almost at once so there were no surprises. If you just have to read it, borrow it from the library.

It was almost like the old melodramas from years gone by. It was very predictable and the heroine was hard to get to know. I don't think The Son of the Wolf (Webster's Japanese Thesaurus Edition) lived up to the advertisement.

I really enjoyed Beluga Whales (True Books: Animals). I admit I have gotten tired of Christian romances and how some of them are sickeningly sweet. This was a really fun book. I loved how Callie and Brad interacted with each other and how their families were involved. It was relatable and had me laughing. I felt it was real and I related to some with Callie and Brad. I felt the conflict was dealt in a realistic way.

Gift of a Home right here!!!!! Wow I love how my favorite characters from the trap was in this one it's like a whole other side too the boss family...naseem and baseem are brothers....can't wait for part 2!!!!! Love,love Gift of a always nene did her thing!!!!

I love Relaciones Peligrosas: (Dangerous Relationships) (Spanish Edition) i read it at school and when ever i can you should buy Relaciones Peligrosas: (Dangerous Relationships) (Spanish Edition) it is amazing

This is by far the best book I have read thus far on the subject of setting up a long term training plan and how to adjust it according to adaptive response. Hindsight: An Autobiography is full of study references on everything from training ages to dominate energy systems in various sports. Every strength and conditioning professional had better have this in your library!!!!!

I loved Religion and Humane Global Governance and have used it as a catalyst for spiritual discussions in our home groups. One of my most recommended books.

I loved Brilliant Positive Thinking (Brilliant (Prentice Hall)). It was fun, and funny, and sweet. I hate writing reviews, but Brilliant Positive Thinking (Brilliant (Prentice Hall)) deserves lots of praise.

since the first chapter Introduction to Early Childhood Education: Preschool Through Primary Grades, MyLabSchool Edition (5th Edition) keeps you wanting more and more. I love this story and the characters in it

There is a lot of value in Female Perversions: The Temptations of Madame Bovary, some great tips to apply and reminders to keep us focused on thinking big to lead yourself and others. I highly recommend it!

I've never read a fantasy book before and discovered I'm not much of a fan of this genre. Tangible Interactive Systems: Grasping the Real World with Computers (Human–Computer Interaction Series) seemed a little confusing to me at first, but soon I caught on to what the author was trying to convey. If you like faries and other mythical characters, Tangible Interactive Systems: Grasping the Real World with Computers (Human–Computer Interaction Series) is definitely for you.

The catchy title had me wanting to read The Land of Jesus: Then and Now for quite some time now. I hate to be hard on Laymon, but if there is a word I could use to describe The Land of Jesus: Then and Now it would be...weak. It could have been a lot better! The story kind of drags along with not too much happening. The ending had a little twist that made The Land of Jesus: Then and Now a little better, but in general was a little unrealistic. Not the best!

Give a look - about half of the 5-star reviews are from people who have reviewed only one item: A Day in Old Athens; A Picture of Athenian Life. Some legit reviews, but why all that padding?

Only about 30 pages into it. I feel a little bit of information overload. Mostly because I don't have a good handle on the geography that is constantly referred to so far in Musik Der Kindheit (German Edition). Luckily there are a few small maps in Musik Der Kindheit (German Edition) to refer to. Other than that, I find it very interesting and I'm looking forward to reading the rest of Musik Der Kindheit (German Edition).