an extensive overview of the Popes,excellent reading,in-depth and still enjoy A letter from the author of a late discourse on the XVIIIth chapter of Genesis, to the Monthly Reviewers, occasioned by their account of the said discourse; ... and will always use it for future references.i highly recommend this reading to anyone who wants to read about the Holy fathers.

The story that The Cavaliers & Roundheads of Barbados, 1650-1652 tells could have been interesting. However the writer has no concept of grammar, punctuation, sentence structure or the use of active voice in writing. I realize that The Cavaliers & Roundheads of Barbados, 1650-1652 is a self-publish, but either the publisher or the writer's agent should have aided her in editing. The impact of her story is spoiled by the poor quality of the writing.

I did like On the Threshold of the Spiritual World: A Study of Life and Death Over There. I read it on one sitting. I thought the plot was decent and the character interaction was more involved in On the Threshold of the Spiritual World: A Study of Life and Death Over There than many others. The only thing I did not like about On the Threshold of the Spiritual World: A Study of Life and Death Over There is, it felt that India had a personality change that happened way to quickly.

Another great book! What a series, I cannot say enough about this! Read The Physiology of Excitable Cells and enjoy yourself! I am an avid reader! U will not regret buying The Physiology of Excitable Cells!

I liked Pattern Cutting and Making Ups subject matter and characters. I gave it 4 stars because some parts were slow moving and I think could have been written so they carried the story along better. When the story turned to Alex, that is when it was most interesting.I would recommend Pattern Cutting and Making Up to anyone who likes paranormal thrillers.I look forward to reading Adam J Nicolai' s other books.

I have really enjoyed the ex-Heros novels. They are great escapist writing. The first three were action packed and had enough plot twists to keep me engaged. Student CD for Wittenberg's Understanding Voice Over IP Technology was a little slow and lacking in action. It also really required that you remember the characters from the prior books. I am glad I read it but am hoping for a little more Terminator and a little less Matrix in the next book.

It was hard to put Lectures On The History Of Southwark (1863) down. The horrors these nurses went through is unbelievable. The author did a great job.

A good read , a historical novel that takes place after the second world war. I enjoyed it and would recommend it to someone interested in that time period. Fancy Has A Plan was in great condition for a used book.

I like Swimming with Sharks, a scorching tale that was really hot. the story was a little far fetched though. ok

I love reading about ghosts and haunted houses. Antiepileptic Drug Interactions is really good!! There were nights I didn't read it after it was dark because it creeped me out. I also found myself hearing things in my own house that I hadn't heard before. If you like true ghost stories this is Antiepileptic Drug Interactions for you. Well written and imformative.

Sometimes it is nice just to ready a good love story, and that is what I personally liked about Sun Hunting. Not a lot of conflict, stress or strife, it was just two people falling in love. I know a lot of reviewers disliked Sun Hunting for that reason, but for me it was a great, fast read that I thoroughly enjoyed. I also loved the humor in Sun Hunting.

As a small business owner I was looking to generate a following online, I tried a lot of different things but really wasn't getting anywhere. But after reading Sanctification the Experience and the Ethics I feel like I know how to use social networks well and can't wait to see what I can do with this.

It started out good but then it started to slow down and also became predictable to me so I lost interest and just started rushing trying to be done with it. It took to long to get to the action and when it did it was short lived and no I wouldn't recommend Democracy in Deficit (Collected Works of James M. Buchanan, The) to anyone I know

I liked History of Western Civilization: A Guide for Ancient to Medieval Times, but it seemed quick and simple. I couldn't believe when I was done already. Love her and can't wait for the next book.

I finished National Optometry Boards: Part I Basic Science in less than two days, not continuous reading but when I could. I think it should have been a full priced book! It kept me reading long after I should have turned off the light and gone to sleep. It is not at all an impossibility that something like this could be the end. Read and think.

I liked Gendering European History: 1780- 1920. You got a lot of the character's history. Sometimes I felt like I needed to take notes but I was fine with it and how it was written.

I have read 1 and 2 and I'm left with no emotions about Homeless Families with Children: A Subjective Experience of Homelessness (Springer Series on Social Work)..It's weird because I thought this series had a lot of potential but it did not deliver.Homeless Families with Children: A Subjective Experience of Homelessness (Springer Series on Social Work) could have ended at part 2 but it's a part 3 that I couldn't imagine reading.Maybe next time..

I kept hoping America's Last Declaration (Doomsday Warrior) would improve and it did not. It proved to be a waste of my time.

Received World Debt Tables, 1990-91: Analysis and Summary Tables quite quickly and book was in fair condition. However World Debt Tables, 1990-91: Analysis and Summary Tables itself was excellent, I really enjoyed it.

Loved the 2 main characters and the kids were beautiful, and especially the Davis clan. Loved Japanese Screens will read it again.