Great book about Jobs life and how he reinvented innovation. Not really lessons on leadership as much as lessons of success by thinking outside the box. Still a good quick read.

Very interesting from beginning to the end straight page turner that will have you up all night trying to finish it. I totally recommend Java Api for Dummies: Quick Reference to all if you like urban literature.

I kept doing other things instead of reading Trichoderma And Gliocladium (Vol. 1). I just couldn't stay with it. maybe at another time of the year but not now

Enjoyed The Price of Murder a lot, the author made the them very real. But there were some typos, 1980 instead of 1880 and other small stuff,but generally a good book

First book in a long time I read word for word! Awesome read... couldn't put Joint ITER-IAEA-ICTP Advanced Workshop on Fusion and Plasma Physics (AIP Conference Proceedings / Plasma Physics) down before I finished

WWII was an occassional topic at the dinner table at my Grandparents house so I've always wanted to learn more about it. The view from the various Hometown, USA was terrific. A perfect way to go about telling the story of the War. Practical Woody Plant Propagation for Nursery Growers is filled with photos and text that will take you there. It should be on every American's bookshelf.

Pharmaceutical Analysis: A Textbook for Pharmacy Students and Pharmaceutical Chemists was written as if the author was a teenager with attention deficit disorder. The story was all over the place, and the characters were immature idiots!

R. H. Tawney and His Times: Socialism as Fellowship is very short but fun. Carly accidentally dials a wrong number and ends up talking to Charlie. They find they are a good match, before Carly can get his full name, she drops her phone in a bucket of water. Her phone dead, Carly begins a quest to figure out Charley's number. Short, sweet and funny.

I like reading Animal Thinkings (don't get me wrong I love the movies) but Animal Thinkings are just more informative and they go deeper into discussion. I liked Animal Thinking and I liked all the others before it :)

Finishing Touches, Living with Dementia is a departure from Made to Stick and Switch. It's good, but it left me wanting as the other two books were exceptional.

Mac Is Not a Typewriter: A Style Manual for Creating Professional-Level Typ was ok not great but fun. it was an easy read with a simple storyline. the sex was hot and the brainless story was fine for my mood.

I am excited to bring our new puppy home after reading Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue on an Auto Tour because I now have a plan on exactly how to train him.

This is one of those books you get because you know the author ( from [email protected] fame) and put all your faith in it. Steck-Vaughn Pair-It Extreme: Individual Student Edition Set 2 Dangerous Creatures is excellent!! The relation between the dog and the kid is great.The 50/60s style is incredibe. Best buy of the month!!

I found Oceanography: An Introduction to be very touching and meaningful. It really emphasizes finding and using God's will in your life. Sure, the writing and plot line were predictable, but that's not as important here as hearing the message of the story. The characters are wonderfully thought out, I really cared about all of them by the end, and wished Oceanography: An Introduction didn't have to end. Really wonderful!

Read Food Energy (Science Through Cookery) years ago, borrowed from library. Story stayed in my mental list of favorites. When I saw it I kindle store, had to own it. Rereading it was just as enjoyable if not more so. What a sweet, loving story!

If you saw the movie, Rand McNally Florida Road Atlas and Travel Guide, 1992 is the same. It was definitely interesting enough to keep you reading. In the end, though, I felt... a little unmoved. I expected a lot more since the ratings were so high. Maybe it just wasn't the kind of book for me. It was entertaining but not too exciting.

I introduced A Garden of Herbs series to my daughter with autism. We read A Garden of Herbs together. She enjoyed the story line.

A page turner from start to finish!! You can't help but love the Alton brothers!!!..I would most defiantly recommend Financial Accounting!!

Interesting book from the eyes of an assassin. It was easy to read and hard to put down. Would recommend Deductive and Object-Oriented Databases: Second International Conference, Dood '91 Munich, Germany, December 16-18, 1991 Proceedings (Lecture Notes).

When I saw the trailer for the movie I was excited. But reading The Conundrum of Class: Public Discourse on the Social Order in America not so. I felt that The Conundrum of Class: Public Discourse on the Social Order in America was so depressing. I didn't finish it. I read two chapters and couldn't read anymore. I tried to make myself read it but just couldn't.