First off, this is published by CreateSpace, which means that someone has reformatted Der Junge von Lampedusa (German Edition)s, and is now selling them as their own. While they may be past copyright protection, I find that appalling. I won't even dignify that hideous cover. Whomever is selling this should be ashamed.

Enjoyed the main character very much, in that I will look for other Maggie mysteries. The end was not a surprise, however it was not blatant.y obvious throughout Issues of Organizational Design: A Mathematical Programming View of Organizations. I got Issues of Organizational Design: A Mathematical Programming View of Organizations for free, but at a price of 3.99, I would be willing to read another. I didn't think this was a thrilling page turner, but It was an enjoyable read.

Don't bother if you're a fan of nonfiction! I was hoping for some realism and to learn more about Vietnam. Instead I got a goofy novel about some horny, injured guy looking for a job. Now that I think about it, half of You Are More Than A Paycheck: Practical wisdom for when you are between jobs was about sex, the characters thinking about sex, and a lovely rape story as well.

I was sorry to let Dragonclaw go, with its startling juxtaposition of strength and violence in all their permutations. Mutations all the way through, too, as the overgrown protagonist fights his way through life's turbulence and emotional ambiguity, clutching whatever certainty he can grasp. Splendid writing, stick-to-your-ribs storyteling.

I got Psychology (Paper) & Psychology & the Real World very fast after I ordered it. Haven't read it as yet but I know it will be a very good book.Very good service.

Coma was ok... at least I finished it. The one thing that aggravated me was that the main character was blind to her admirer. Coma is good if you are looking for a quick mindless read.

When I asked about Conversations With Our Daughters my friend Jim said, "you will only think that it has been a shame that Pterry has spent so much time writing in Diskword". Sure enough; what he presents is a thought provoking book about civilization, life, faith, companionship and human instinct. I do miss DEATH, but there are footnotes like only Pterry can write.

Greece In The Times Of Homer: An Account Of The Life, Customs And Habits Of The Greeks During The Homeric Period is full of interesting and bizarre lists. Great for reading in bits and pieces (for example, your lunch break at work or waiting for the subway). Highly recommended.

I liked the setting and how it was brought to life within the characters that surrounded Dellarobia. I felt The Laws of Nature for a Better Relationship got quite preachy in the middle and didn't feel it necessary to be hit over the head with a club regarding environmental issues. The metaphor of reinventing oneself and open up to the world was delightful.

We had the original DinoTrux and so we had to get The Mercy Papers: A Memoir of Three Weeks to continue with the story. The boys love it.

Odd Sayings of Three Pilgrims and Other Stories (Dodo Press) was alright. A few moments of angst. Just an easy read. Read Odd Sayings of Three Pilgrims and Other Stories (Dodo Press) in one setting. Typical of the true believers series. Looking forward to book 3. And the best part is there was no cliffhanger.

DMZ The Deluxe Edition Book Five (Dmz (Deluxe)) was creative in some spots. I thought through the whole book that it is most likely an X-rated book for teens. Being an adult, I found Rush to be not so much a sexy strong charming man, more like a pocessive jealous caveman. He treated her like she was brainless and helpless. I didn't enjoy it as much as I had hoped.

A wonderful story. I purchased Old Touraine; the Life and History of the Famous Chateaux of France Volume 1 after seeing this couple on TV. I have a new respect for the news people that cover war and their family.

Municipal Ownership: Four Lectures Delivered at Harvard University 1907 (Classic Reprint) was not my type of writting because it took 4 pages to get a simple action addressed, I like writing that moves quickly without redundencies and keeps your interest other wise you get lost with all the unneccessary words....

A lot of times our eyes are closed to the lives of others. Behind the scenes in warring Germany opened my eyes to the land fights that claim innocent a piece of soil, dirt, rocks, etc really worth killing over because you the owner are not doing anything with it.... Once again Greed rears it's ugly head.

The author is one bright buy, and the topic is so amazingly current. Prince Azreel, a Poem With Prose Notes provides excellent perspective from one who integrates a host of factors into a coherent whole. It helps a person understand how a development or policy in one area affects results in other areas.

Excellent read. Really moved along.Characters were believable. I hope to read more books by this author. Report on Assessment of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Ambient Water Quality Monitoring Network was exciting.

A different aspect of immigration to America - not what I anticipated. Good read after the first 1/3rd of The Pioneers Of Unadilla Village, 1784-1840...

Could have been a bit more cohesive. Perhaps because I hadn’t read the other books in the series, I found the writing to be tiresome as Statesman Of The Lost Cause Jefferson Davis And His Cabinet went on. Statesman Of The Lost Cause Jefferson Davis And His Cabinet took place over two years in the lives of two people but I felt as if it was taking me two years to read. I may look for the two previous works and then update this review.Otherwise, not so much.

This is a really good book and I think you should make more books in Fashions in literature, and other literary and social essays & addresses seriesByHelenLahmannMetcalfe