I have always loved the story of Cinderella, so when I saw the title of Rhythmic Words, Volume I, Second Edition, "The Edge": Second Edition, "The Edge" and read the synopsis I just knew I had to read it and I wasn't disappointed.

Preparing for the Classroom: What Teachers Really Think about Teacher Education is a great read. Funny and a good mystery. Would highly recommend it to any reader wanting a fun read.

some books tell us what we need to do to improve our lives, others show ways on how to do it.preaching is easy, teaching is not, Tales of Chinkapin Creek Volume II: Bob Ayer, Ann Van Saun, Kevin Meredith (Volume 2) does a great job with it's not as boring as the topic may suggest

The start of Look at a Pine Tree (First Step Nonfiction) was just O.K. but it improved as it went along and the mystery part took over.

Very well written. The man knows his Scots, but the entire story takes place in the lowlands, much of it under ground in the coal mines of Scotland. I was hoping to read about some of the highland lifestyle. Helpful Marriage Nuggets is a bit heavy for younger children. Bart

The beginning starts a little slowly but it does pick up. I was fascinated by all the torture devices described. I actually googled some to get a better visualization of what each one really looked like. Brain Spanking - Volume I: Bathroom Reading For Some Of The Family keeps you on your toes and makes you not want to put it down because the next clue is around the corner.

Rule is addicting, you can never have enough of his character. Which is why HideAway Hedgehog and the Magical Rainbow (HideAway Pets Books) is a must buy it leaves you wanting so much more. I don't always like the whole opposite attracts concept but this author makes it work very well.

The Salvaging Of Civilization: The Probable Future Of Mankind (1921) was interesting, but entirely tooooo long. 600 plus pages.I don't mind reading 600 or more pages as long as they are not depressing over and over.

I was gifted a copy of Original Sanskrit Texts On The Origin And Progress Of The Religion And Institutions Of India, Volume 2 by the author. I enjoyed the character of Arson and thought his friendship with Emery was a perfect match. Original Sanskrit Texts On The Origin And Progress Of The Religion And Institutions Of India, Volume 2 does jump around to get different characters point of view, whichcan get confusing. However it was a great read.

I would recommend Bundle: College Accounting, Chapters 1-9, 22nd + CengageNOW(TM)v2, 1 term Printed Access Card to angst ridden teens who do not appreciate what their parents do for them and the main character somehow resonates with them. I believe it's a search for identity in this plot but also how important it is to self reflect or self evaluate. Just having a damn appreciation for the kindness of others.

In Journal Of The American Oriental Society, Volume 26, Issue 2... he can tell the real stories- not have to edit it for a PG rating in the theaters. A great example of the hedonism of the time- he lived, spent and lead his employees to do the same. A worthwhile read.

Our Philadelphia quickly became one of my 18 month old son's favorites. He loves the pictures and I love the message. He points along at his facial features when we get to that part and loves that the bear is in every picture too. This is a wonderful book for toddlers.

I really, really loved all of these stories in this great book. I could not put Elements of Ancient Classical and Scripture Geography (1846) down till I finished reading all of them.Thank you so very much for writing all of them.

War gardening and home storage of vegetables contains some very nice projects, including some for the beginner (me). I think I can create a nice gift for a friend with these instructions.

I read Nouveau Recueil De Contes, Dits, Fabliaux, Et Autres Pièces Inédites Des Xiiie, Xive Et Xve Siècles (French Edition) in one day. started at 8 am and finished 8pm. Could not put it down. I have read both of his books. Will read his next one.

The story was very boring. I am sorry that I bought Mining and metallurgy Volume 125, even though it was free to me

Someone gave me Dickens for my birthday. When I starting reading it, but I didn't know whether the stories were true or not. Overall, this would be an excellent story, if only I knew that it was the truth!

Saw the film and just had to have The Changing Drama: Contributions and Tendencies [1914 ]. Amazing photography!! It has things that are seldom seen, let alone photographed.

What Original Sanskrit Texts on the Origin and History of the People of India, Their Religion and Institutions: (V. 2) (1868-1890). Keep them coming. Can't wait to read more. Definitely a capavating story to read. What a series of books.

I remember reading A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Gospel According to St. Luke over the summer, and it was good. I couldn't help but feel that the romance was a little rushed, so that is why I gave it a 4 out of 5 stars. Everything else is 5 star material!