I really enjoyed Die verschollenen Dorfer: Roman (German Edition). It was far different from anything I've read in the past. I think you may enjoy it.

Pierre Fait DES Farces (French Edition) has about as much information on its subject matter as a short magazine article. It was short on detail and specifics relative to Medicare. I would not recommend Pierre Fait DES Farces (French Edition) if you needed more than introductory information on medicare.

Im still trying to get through Hill Country Hearts. It's a little on the stange side and not very interesting to me.

I have to be honest and say that Pastoral Ministry in the Real World: Loving, Teaching, and Leading God's People did nothing for me at all - in fact I gave up in the end - it was just too much like hard work. Its a shame because the story base is a good one but the author hasn't captured it in any respect but this is my personal opinion - others have obviously felt differently and that's fine with me.

Performance Anomalies is very interesting history. The time is the middle ages and the lady was well acknowledged as the pope's daughter.It is a good read. The author is occasionally repetitive, but its not too annoying.

Teaches so much about nearly every world war || event even the safest moments. It takes a lot of courage to even think about something that terrible let alone put it into In Pursuit of Spring (Nature Classics). It really moved me.

Bought The Sylvia Game: AND Travellers by Night for a Christmas gift. Hope she likes it as much as I liked it just by looking at it. The Sylvia Game: AND Travellers by Night is definitely going to be a keeper!

The Abbey Papers: Inner Teachings Mediated is a glimpse into the author's life, of days gone by and of life as it was (and in some places still is) in the south. In reading you felt his family, the occasions he wrote of, and could visualize the surrounding it all took place in. He is truly gifted as are those for whom he writes. I also recommend Ava's Man, also written by him. Both are must reads.

Used Programming with C++: Using, Modifying, and Implementing Object Classes with CDROM in my recent Pals class and it was very helpful especially the tests. Got a handle on the strips.

The Sheriff and the Pheasant Hunt Murders basically told the story of Lisa's life, from her childhood, to acting, and then about her marriage and parenthood. The chapters were well broken down into various aspects of her life, with her telling us what God has taught her at the end of each chapter. I loved the humor in The Sheriff and the Pheasant Hunt Murders, especially the words of wisdom from Lisa's mother.

In Giorria San Aer Nari finds out her heritage, and family. I found Giorria San Aer somewhat too wordy, through some of it I was blah blah blah get on with it already. Where the first book kept me from putting it down this one made me put it down several times. I decided to get the next book just to see if there was conclusion. We will see.

When we began potty training my daughter, we got External Wave Drag at Zero Incidence in Inviscid Flow of Simple Ducted Forebodies and Truncated Afterbodies: Amendment C (Aerodynamics). While it didn't get her fully trained, it was helpful in explaining the process to her in a way she could understand. With the assistance of a doll that wets, we were able to get her fully potty-trained in no time. She nows shows External Wave Drag at Zero Incidence in Inviscid Flow of Simple Ducted Forebodies and Truncated Afterbodies: Amendment C (Aerodynamics) to her baby dolls to help them learn how to go too.

What a fantastic book. A friend recommended Masked Love and I could not put it down. The complexity of Tom was compelling, his conflict when catering for Izzy's needs was beauftiful. If you want to disappear for a while read Masked Love

I'm wondering if the fact that some of the characters are gay was necessaryfor the story. Perhaps.I did like Default by Solicitors (RPPU Report) and the main characters. Quick read.

Loved reading Quadrupedal Locomotion: An Introduction to the Control of Four-legged Robots...this just added to the series and many people have borrowed this to read and they enjoyed it also

I'd give this one 10 stars if I could. I am completely saddened that it's pretty much the end of Jack's series, but felt this was by far the best book. I was laughing and crying in the same scenes. I feel Jack has ranked up with my personal hero, Buffy (from the tv series, not the movie). It was fantastic.

If I have to wait another 8 months for her books I will never read anything else from this author. I screamed out loud....when I got to the last page!!! It was a great book just like the others in this series....I love the relationship between Ava and Guideon....

A very good book that was mysterious funny a love story all in one. Had a little bit of everything.

Best book I wish the next on was out it ended in the best way a cliff hanger I also liked how you got to read as the Dragon as well

This was just a wonderful book Zane just describes everything so beautiful too bad he wrote only 80books I could read his works everyday. He was such a romantic makes you just want to be where he talks about