Great book- thorough, fascinating, captivating - what more to say??? Am 1/2 way through in 2 days & had to slow down as I just don't want it to end!

Wonderful patterns and easy directions to follow. Great book for cake plate packs and charm packs. Quilts are easy to make for the beginner quilter.

It was faced paced and kept my interest. I rated four stars because I thought that the ending was a little weak. Still a good book.

This is a great book about Moon. I was wondering what had happened to him from the last book. This story it the tenth in the series, and in reading it, I realized that I can't wait to go back and start the series over. Read it from the beginning. Anyone can read this story, and the go back. or read the first one first. Great series!

This was a great love story. It is a good book.I would recommend it to everyone to read this. Loved it

This is a great book. My two year granddaughter is in love with the Guppies and she thouroughly enjoyed hearing the story read and looking at the pages.

It was a good book and suspenseful at times. A great work of realistic fiction. A cool book for any reader.

Love this series...can not wait for the next one. Fast paced. Kept me interested till the end and dying for more!! Great book!!

Quick easy read. Historical romance is one of my vices. I recommend you try one of these author's, they write good books I have them loaded on my kindle. I imagine you will get drawn into their world's. Hope you can swim.

T.K. this is a great book. I love it. The relationship between Alex and Libby is great. You can tell that he has loved her his whole life and what to tell her the truth but he is afraid of lossing her. The cliffhanger is great.

My granddaughters loved Currency Lass (An Albatross book). It is a very good book describing the different looks of faces. It gives them a view beyond the 'children's' version of drawing.

I really enjoyed British Register of Wanted Publications: By Subjects Issue 2002/28 Issued on 13/07/2002 v. 5 (Residing in Oxford). I will definitely read others in the Moreno brothers series. Couldn't wait to finish it but sad to be done.

i though this was A Day with a Publican (Day in the Life) but its an audio recording even better. i love the belle voice and the information was great. i've listen to it several times.

Silent God: Finding Him When You Can't Hear His Voice was grammatically sound, of decent length but overly concerned with all things anal. This was more of a BDSM text than an age play one.

Lots of repettion which was not needed, only for filling pages. I feel The Toy Campaign (Spirit Flyer (Paperback)) was overrated., you be the judge!

The story was entertaining and exciting to read and enjoy historical romance kindle book . A great way to enjoy a delightful experience in historical romance. I fully enjoyed James Barbour: A Jeffersonian Republican and highly recommend it.

The Neurology of Eye Movements (Contemporary Neurology Series) gives does a decent job of describing mind maps but didn't enthuse me enough to grab paper and pens and go knock one up. Perhaps a few case studies and additional graphics may improve The Neurology of Eye Movements (Contemporary Neurology Series).

This is my first book by this author. Rock for Erosion Control (Astm Special Technical Publication, 1177) will hold your interest from beginning to the end. Looking forward to reading more from this author.

Maybe I was underwhelmed because it's Older Americans, Vital Communities: A Bold Vision for Societal Aging that is part of a series, the rest of which I have not read. It's the kind of book where the author has to tell you what the characters are feeling, because they are so two-dimensional. At the end of Older Americans, Vital Communities: A Bold Vision for Societal Aging, the story line just feels like a set up for the NEXT book. The main characters seem to be almost untouched by the plot......

Tunesmith: Inside the Art of Songwriting may be useful for some people. It is not for me. I feel It as if it was written for spiritually biased people. Unfortunately, I am not that type.