I think EVERYBODY should read Break in the Chain (Yellow Bananas) in its totality. Excellent research was done to put Break in the Chain (Yellow Bananas) together and anybody who is ill with any kind of illness should read this to gain an understanding of the basics and to learn several different ways to help your body back to health, naturally. Just an excellent book. I cannot keep my nose out of it.

This is a great book on the things you need to do prior to a shoot. It has advice you can use immediately.

This is a great book for the newbie runner! A former coach of mine recommended it and I felt it was a great read for encouragement and inspiration.

I like the way Is written, is clear to understand, if you are interesting in energy as a source to improve is a nice book

If your searching for something, looking for some direction, feel lost or depressed, this is a great book to read. It really provides a context from which to view you life from and COULD be all you need to get you back in the groove.

For a first attempt, this is a really great book. It kept me guessing throughout, and emotionally I was right there with the character. I loved it.

this was an interesting book looking through the eyes of an autistic boy. great book club read.

If you need a starter or a reminder book (for those who have not knit socks in years), this is a great book!

This was a nice book but I did not feel it was complete. I think that they could have given more help and explanations of watercolor paintings and more projects would have been nice.It is good for the money. I would suggest buying it if you need a watercolor painting book.

Was a good book but the first two were better. I did however liked how it wrapped up past and present together

Wonderful book! A great read for all ages! I make sure I always have a copy to loan and to keep in case one doesn't come back. Worth re-reading!

Loved these books. Great writing.I have been sick the past couple of days and these books have kept me occupied. I'm about to order the other set to finish the series. I laughed and wanted to actually beat the men in these books at times. My heart went out to the women. Great books.

This is a great book that as an artist I refer to regularly to make sure I get anatomical parts right. not a cheap book but well worth the money to get THE right book !

this is a wonderful book. I cannot reccoment it enough to add to your collections of books. A must purchase to review the Jewish holidays. With lovable excerts on how to build a Sukkah and other important observations can be found in the text. Historical importance is detailed in each chapter for each holiday. Also present are wonderfulo pieces of artwork and commentaries.

What a great book! I love the series and have enjoyed reading it very much on my free time. It was interesting and lovely and a great series to pick up!

As a social worker & bereavement counselor for a local hospice, I have many books on death and dying and grief. This is a great book and highly encouraging. Would to God we could all have his healthy perspective on terminal illness and dying. Great read and discussion starter.

A short shifter story that has all the elements in it. Love,envy,fear and hate. What people will do to get what they think will make them immortal. Good book worth the read.

I thought it was going to have more help hints for more levels but it does not. All in all its a good book with random helpful hints.

This series is not for the fainthearted child, it can be gruesome in it's descriptions of owl life at times, but my children have fallen in love with these characters and their world. Great books!

This is one of my go to cook books. If I need a classic recipe, inspiration or want to try something new. Great book! Maybe that is why it is one of the best selling cook books of all times.